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The sleek H-AA slow juicer features the most innovative technology on the market: our Alpha technology. Alpha technology sports a sleek new design, optimized juicing, easier cleaning, and the ability to make ice cream. The body of our H-AA Slow Juicer is made from an impact-resistant BPA-free ABS plastic, while the auger and strainer are made from a heavy-duty Ultem that is eight times stronger than traditional plastic. You'll be able to meet all of your juicing needs with ease and in style with the H-AA slow juicer.


  1. Sleek Design: With a streamlined design that includes smooth curves that gradually become slimmer in the back, the H-AA slow juicer brings you stylish, yet modern beauty. The wavy curves on the bottom further highlight the design and make it functionally easier to move.
  2. Slow Squeeze Technology: The H-AA slow juicer rotates at a speed of just 43 rotations per minute to mimic the motion of a hand squeezing juice. Hurom's patented Slow Squeeze Technology ensures your juice stays fresh and retains all of its natural nutrients.
  3. Taste & Pulp Control: Hurom has spent decades perfecting our slow juicers for taste. Juice created with a Hurom slow juicer is fresh, unprocessed and pure. The auger squeezes produce like a hand-squeezer, resulting in fresher tasting juice. The H-AA Slow Juicer has a control lever and two strainers to give you control over how much pulp is in your juice.
  4. Yield: The unique low-speed of the auger helps squeeze every single drop of juice out of your produce. This means the H-AA Slow Juicer makes more juice than other cold press juicers.
  5. Quality: Made with an impact-resistant ABS body, our slow juicers are extremely durable. The heavy-duty Ultem strainer and auger are 8x stronger than traditional plastics, allowing our slow juicers to handle years of daily use.
  6. Versatility: The high-quality materials in the H-AA Slow Juicer mean it can handle more than just produce. You can add nuts and seeds, plus make homemade ice cream and tofu.
  7. Safety: Duplicate safety sensors only allow the unit to operate if the chamber is completely and accurately assembled on the base. A built-in cooling system with integrated heat vents prevents overheating. The chute is sized to keep even small fingers out.
  8. Works Quietly: Our near-silent AC motor works efficiently using just 150 watts of power, which means you can enjoy cold pressed juice at home without the noise caused by traditional juicers and blenders.

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