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Our Story

About I Kitch
I KITCH SDN BHD is established in 2013 as a trusted Whole Malaysia master distributor of Hurom Group Corporation which primarily based in Malaysia, Melaka. Hurom is the Global Leader in Slow Juicers having been involved in the manufacture of juicers since 1974. It currently holds patents and distributes its products to more than 50 countries around the world. I KITCH SDN BHD sells slow juicer and extractor which appear to have different technology with other competitors. Our commitment is to lead people to healthier lives that have always set us apart.

I KITCH SDN BHD, a company that shouts for “slow”, “nature”, and “humanity” when others shout for “quick”, “technology”, and “profits”. We put the most understanding and appreciation to nature above technology. The technology delivers nature as it is for human; the technology that is closest to nature; the technology that makes Hurom. I KITCH SDN BHD, a healthy company is here to share our philosophy and our efforts with you.
As the world changes at an increasing pace, it is required to develop an advanced technology which can benefit everybody, meanwhile, create a competitive advantage among the competitors. However, we have always kept one thought at the core of our business: 'how can we help people to be healthier.'

Our mission is to bring new technology and offer health benefits to people by providing health-related quality product and excellent customer service. We introduce the product that offers long term benefits rather than focus on immediate gain.

We hope to earn trust from each customer by providing reliable products and information.
Mission & Vision
Growth & Goal
I KITCH SDN BHD have formed a highly competent team to pursue and discover new technology to provide healthy life for people nowadays. For the past years, I KITCH SDN BHD had achieved 300 percent growth each year, an amazing growth rate that shows how our products took the nation by storm. This brilliant success was possible with Hurom’s original technology. We are just starting and continuing our commitment to customer and introduce the perfect product that captures nature’s vitality.

Our goal is to be a leader in kitchen appliance suppliers with reputable brands by enhancing people’s life toward healthy through using healthy kitchen appliances and promoting the health benefits of I Kitch’s products. A clear strategic orientation towards quality and innovation determines the company’s action and development. I Kitch counts on its outstanding products and the added value that they provide to customers in terms of performance, convenience and user friendly. Therefore, the company builds a condition for long-term customer satisfaction and the trust of people within its brand.
What is Hurom
Hurom is a compound word of “human” and “ii-rom” the Korean word for “benefit”, Meaning “Giving benefit to the people”.

Hurom’s mission is to have an entrepreneurial spirit in creating a product that contributes to the health of humankind.
Hurom Values

To put people and their need first.

To put people and their need first.

To develop state-of-the-art kitchen appliances and lives

Market-leading technologies

To help people lead vibrant

Through healthy eating habits