Drum Assembly (Drum, Drum Packing, Extraction Packing, Juice Cap, Lever)


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The drum assembly comprises several components, including the drum, drum packing, extraction packing, juice cap, and lever. The drum is the main body of the assembly and is responsible for holding the fruits and vegetables that are being juiced. It is made of high-quality materials that can withstand the pressure and friction of juicing. The drum packing is a rubber seal that fits tightly around the drum to prevent any leakage during the juicing process. It is important to replace the drum packing periodically to maintain the quality and efficiency of the juicer. The extraction packing is another rubber seal that fits onto the drum and helps to separate the juice from the pulp. It ensures that the extracted juice is smooth and free from any pulp or solids. The juice cap is a small cap that fits on the end of the drum and helps to control the flow of juice into the juicing bowl. It can be adjusted to control the amount of pulp in the juice. The lever is a component that is used to turn the drum and initiate the juicing process. It is connected to the motor and helps to crush and extract the juice from the fruits and vegetables. The lever is made of durable materials and can withstand the pressure and friction of the juicing process.